Attack on Titan Levi Ackerman Fanart

If you love Attack on Titan, then you have probably seen some Levi Ackerman fanart. These images feature the character in cape and Odm Gears. While they may not be the most original art, they are definitely fun. In addition to being beautiful, these images are also a great way to show your fandom.

Enneagram six

If you’re an Enneagram Six, you’ll love Levi Ackerman’s art. Each piece of Levi Ackerman art has been professionally hand-stretched over sturdy wood frames and is guaranteed to be fade-resistant and scratch-resistant. These prints will last for decades. Fans of Levi Ackerman are likely to be creative, loyal, and appreciate intellectual connections.

Levi Ackerman is a Capricorn (Earth element) sign, and is passionate about saving people. He is a fierce protector of his comrades, and is willing to risk his own life to save them. He was born to a family of soldiers, so he enlisted in the Survey Corps at a young age. His natural abilities and strong sense of loyalty have allowed him to rise through the ranks. He has an analytical mind, which makes him invaluable in combat situations.

In general, Levi Ackerman is an ISTP, which means that he’s sensitive, independent, and value freedom. He’s also a problem-solver, but dislikes feeling controlled by others. Although Levi Ackerman is reserved, he’s not afraid to stand up to bullies. If you’re looking for a person who’s not afraid to speak his mind, you’ve found the perfect person.

Levi Ackerman is a great fighter with great physical strength. He often makes sound decisions in the heat of battle, and he also has a dark sense of humor. He often holds grudges and has a dark sense of humor. He’s very powerful, which makes him an excellent choice for a superhero.


Fans of the television show Attack on Titan will love the character Levi Ackerman, who is Capricorn. The Capricorn sign is known for being a hard worker and making decisions under pressure. Levi often acts as a leader for his survey corps. For example, in one episode, when Eren was tempted to turn into a Titan, Levi stepped in and helped him decide not to fight.

Like other Capricorns, Levi has strong work ethics and a desire to be the strongest soldier in the world. He has worked very hard to prove himself in the Survey Corps, putting his life on the line to protect the human race. The Survey Corps places a lot of faith in his abilities, and he has proven himself to be one of them.

Fans of Levi Ackerman may want to make fanart of their favorite Capricorn character. It’s a great way to show your support for the show, and it’s also a great way to make money. Fans of Levi Ackerman’s fanart will love his determination and grit. In addition to being a strong worker, Levi Ackerman is also a compassionate and loyal person.

Even though Levi Ackerman is not the main protagonist in Attack on Titan, his character has gained a huge following among fans over the years. Known for his personality and appearance, Levi Ackerman is a rock for the Survey Corps, and he can be trusted to make good decisions in a crisis.

Short hair

Levi Ackerman is a very popular character from the anime series Attack on Titan. His short hair style has won over many fans. He has also become popular for cosplay and has countless fan art images. Here is a look at how a short Levi Ackerman hairstyle might look on real people.

Levi has short, straight black hair that is usually styled in an undercut curtain. He also has gray eyes that are intimidating. Although short, he has a very muscular body, thanks to his training with vertical maneuvering equipment. His facial expressions are typically expressionless or frowning, which make him unapproachable to many fans.

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Alacrity is an important aspect of Levi Ackerman’s character. While it can be a problem at times, his alacrity can be the difference between life and death. This ability is crucial to Levi’s survival in “Titan country.” Alacrity can be a problem for the human world, but it is an advantage for Levi in a Titan-ruled world. In the second battle for Shiganshina, this ability was clearly illustrated.

Levi has a deep moral sense, and he values the lives of his subordinates. After the 57th Expedition, he was visibly upset when his squad was ordered to retreat early. However, he took the necessary steps to save Eren, even if it meant taking a personal risk. After the fight, he talked with Eren’s father and reminded him of Petra’s devotion to the Survey Corps.

Levi is a strong character with a temper. The Marleyan party was a formidable challenge for him, and Levi was not afraid of it. Unlike the other characters in the series, Levi didn’t seem intimidated by the Titans. They were huge and had few weaknesses, but Levi never felt intimidated and only feared losing his comrades.

Levi has extraordinary combat skills and a profound ability to analyze situations. This skill allows him to make calculated decisions, even in the heat of battle. For example, Levi rescued Mikasa when the Female Titan tried to kill her. In another case, he fought Kenny Ackerman inside a bar and stopped him by using chairs, a double-barreled shotgun, and corpses. His ability to think on his feet even in the heat of battle allows him to take down his adversaries.

Lack of resilience

While Levi Ackerman may seem to have a fairly normal human body, he possesses superhuman reflexes, which makes him the perfect candidate for the role of Papa/Guardian. He’s incredibly protective of his children, and is often viewed as an overprotective parent. However, his overprotectiveness carries some consequences. While the Ackerman family was unable to catch Levi, they were able to protect Mikasa.

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