Things to Know Before Choosing to Study an Animation and VFX Course

Animation & VFX courses are scholastic programs conceptualised to equip students with capabilities & techniques utilised in crafting animated and spectacular films, video games, television shows etc. 

Animation is the art of crafting an illusion of movement utilising static images, hand drawn images, computer generated images etc. by rapidly displaying them in a sequence. The aim is to bring objects, characters, and environments to life.  

“Visual Effects” or “Visual FX” or “VFX” refers to enriching or manipulating live action footage with computer generated imagery or other graphic elements seamlessly, thereby creating exaggerated effects, simulated characters, environment, creatures etc. that is too difficult or dangerous or unfeasible to create during live action shoot. VFX entails utilizing a range of techniques like 3D modelling, composting, digital painting & animation etc. 

People graduating from these courses can seek opportunities as VFX artists, 3D modelers, motion graphics designers, animators etc. in entertainment and advertising industry.

Factors to be considered before choosing Animation & VFX course:

Eligibility Requirements: 

  • Students must have cleared their class 12th education in any discipline with minimum 50% marks from a school that is affiliated with certified board.
  • Students become eligible to enrol in their preferred Animation & VFX course on successfully passing the entrance test, followed by clearing of group discussion and an interview round.


  • Artistic capability: To create innovative storyboards & concepts, it’s essential that he must possess artistic ability, including capability for exceptional visualization & skilled sketching, in addition to competency in working with colours. 
  • Impeccable Organizational skills: With exceptional organizational skills, he will not only be able to stay on top of his work but also allowing him to simultaneously manage multiple projects while meeting deadlines.  
  • Observation capabilities: Sharp observation abilities will enable him to incorporate various elements like reactions, expressions, characterisation, structure movements etc. in the content. 
  • Exceptional Networking & Communication skills: Outstanding networking & communication abilities will allow him to work together with teams from different departments, stakeholders & vendors, thereby making sure timely project completion besides aiding in effectively pitching concepts & pursuing new business opportunities.  
  • Passionate: To remain relevant in the business, he must display a strong passion by updating his capabilities, acquiring relevant proficiencies in latest techniques, technologies, software tools & processes etc. 

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Animation & VFX course: Identifying the right college is another essential factor to be considered. Following points must be observed:  

  • The curriculum must mentor students in principles of animations, storyboard creation, character design etc. along with offering competencies in motion graphics, 2D & 3D animations, software tools like Adobe Animate, Autodesk Maya or Toon Boom, Adobe After Effects, Nuke or Houdini etc.
  • Trained Faculty: The college must boast of well-educated, highly qualified & trained faculty with industry experience. They not only can share their knowledge but also mentor students in techniques to manage live projects, in problem solving, resolving issues etc. 

Placement & internships: The certification furnished must be acknowledged globally as well as domestically. Furthermore, strong industry connections of college will enable better internships and placements. This will allow students to gain confidence, build portfolio and acquire knowledge of latest tools & techniques.

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