5 Best Tablets for Stomach Pain Reviews and Guides

Although, we have no shortage of treatments for stomach pain problems. But we are always engaged in finding the best tablets for stomach pain. As the stomach pain appears as a common symptom for many ailments, especially for those which are associated with:

  • Digestive system
  • Any part of body inside abdomen

Since we have a variety of medicines for different stomach pain problems, that’s why we are often confused in choosing one best tablets for stomach pain. Moreover, we can never try all at once to find which one is more suitable and effective. Similarly, nobody even wants to have medicine in their daily meal. So, how can you detect the best medicine for stomach pain? Here I am going to share my reviews and guides for five best tablets for stomach pain. 

5 Best Tablets for Stomach Pain

Sr. #Tablet namePurpose 
1.Qurs HeelFor stomach pain & diarrhea
 Hab Hiltit AjmaliFor indigestion
 Namak AjmaliFor gastric problems
 Habbe Kabid NaushadriFor indigestion issues
 Habbe MaroarFor chronic diarrhea

Qurs Heel | Stomach Pain & Diarrhea

It is a pack of 20 tablets at a low price. These qurs treat the symptoms of diarrhea that often cause a severe stomach cramp. Along with this symptom, diarrhea shows some other pronounced symptoms. For example, 

  • Gastrointestinal reflux 
  • Chest burning 
  • Bloating 
  • Vomiting 

During this type of pain, a person feels more fatigued as well because bowel movements always give him a feel that he should use a bathroom. But in actuality, he could not poop. If does, his feces contain blood and mucus.  

Our herbal hakims trust on qurs heel for its effectiveness. It is easy to use and store. You can rely on these qurs to get rid of stomach pain that is initially caused by diarrhea. It contain ellaichi khurd as its main ingredient that shows antioxidant properties. Ellachi khurd has a good aroma. For this reason, it also gives a solution for the bad breath problem. It exhibits antispasmodic properties that aids in relaxing the digestive organ and comforts us against stomach pain. 

Hab Hiltit Ajmali | For Indigestion

These habb include 20 pills in one packet. A physician normally recommends taking 1-2 pills after every meal to solve the indigestive issues. Indigestion is also termed as dyspepsia or upset stomach. It also causes stomach pain as the most pronounced symptom. Again, we believe in the productive outcomes of its usage. The reviews of patients after using this tablet also supports the satisfactory performance of this habb. 

Namak Ajmali | For Gastric Problems

If you are worried about gastric problems like abdominal pain, chest burning, etc., then the solution for all of your gastric problems lies in one medicine. We have namak ajmali as the best tablet for stomach pain caused by related gastric issues. You can buy these tablets easily from any herbal store at the cheapest prices. We are concerned for your health that is why we are recommending these tablets for their effective results. 

Habbe Kabid Naushadri | For Indigestion Issues

It is another best tablet for stomach pain due to dyspepsia. Mainly, abdominal bloating makes ground for stomach cramps. Our abdominal muscles can relax easily by the use of this tablet as per the physician’s recommendation. It also acts as an appetizer and shows a remarkable effect on the liver functions in the body. This habb also treats other associated symptoms of indigestion, with which we encounter along with stomach pain (pait dard ka ilaj). Habbe kabid nasuhadri strengthens the digestive organs and increases their activity. All these things boost up the rate of digestion, curing indigestion as a consequence. 

Habbe Maroar | For Chronic Diarrhea

This habb deals with dysentery and diarrhea. It mainly stomach pain treatment and other symptoms of the disease. Habbe maroar is more like a pain reliever that calms down the abdominal muscles. In addition to this, it also deals with heart burning and impacts on liver and stomach efficiencies positively. Herbal hakim also stand in the favor of this unani medicine as well for its perfect formulation and working efficiency. 


The Unani system of medicine has always contributed much in serving mankind. Stomach pain is like a nightmare. It is not a disease itself, but it appears as a symptom of other diseases. Therefore, we have formulated some of the best tablets for stomach pain. We have reviewed only five of these tablets out of all because these are the best tablets for stomach pain. 

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