The Fundamentals for Creating Your Own Video Games with Game Design Course

Video games are a thing of fascination for all ages. They are fun to play but even cooler to create. But creating your own video game takes more than just an idea or creative skills to begin. It involves a lot of conceptualizing, research, designing, planning, coding, critical thinking, and project management. 

In other words, it’s not an art you can master overnight. But what you can do, is to enrol in game design courses to help you in this journey. Let us look at some fundamental concepts and tools you can learn in game design courses and kickstart your professional career.

Fundamental Concepts for Video Game Creation:

There are a lot of technical concepts involved in creating a video game. The gaming system is made of many individual components that work together to give us a fully-functional game. Here some of these individual components that a game design course will introduce you to:

  • Resources: the necessary gaming files located on the hard disk.
  • Game model: media files and graphics loaded into memory from the Resources.
  • Graphics: this comprises the game interface
  • User input: how the user interacts with the game
  • Sound and music: sound effects and background scores 
  • Artificial Intelligence: the life-like elements of your game’s environment
  • Network listening and sending: this enables multiplayer or online playing
  • Upload and save: takes gaming data from the Resources and puts them in game memory and saves back changes like scores back to the source.
  • Game system: the core of the game that connects and harmonizes these individual elements.

For all of these elements to function properly, your game’s scripts need to be on point. By bringing all these different concepts together, your game will slowly come to life.

Basic Design Tools

Having the right tools is vital to creating your game. Now that we know the concepts needed for the game, a game design course will offer you hands-on training in various tools implement these concepts:

  • Autodesk 3ds Max

This is a 3D computer graphics program that comes with its own scripting language. It can help in designing your game, its characters, and more.

  • Substance Painter

It is a 3D painting tool that can be used to texture models. It can edit and create textures for models quickly that work in any engine they are imported to.

  • Marmoset

It is a GPU-powered real-time rendering, texture baking and animation suite that is essential for 3D art production.

  • Zbrush

It is a digital sculpting tool that combines 3D modelling, painting and texturing. It helps you create high-resolution models for your games and animations.

  • Unreal Engine

This is a graphic game engine. It provides the framework to run the game. Its comprehensive suite of features supports end-to-end game building.

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Video game creation is both an art and a science. It is an equal mix of the creative process and critical thinking and any imbalance between these two could result in a dull or boring game. 

With the right game design courses guiding you, you can develop the skills needed, both technical and conceptual, to create your own video games. To game design courses and how it can train you for a successful career, visit Edge Metaversity today!

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