God of Justice

Who is the God of justice?

Uttarkashi God of Justice: There is a Pokhu temple in Natwar village of Mori block of Uttarkashi district at the confluence of the Rupine and Supine rivers, originating from the Himalayan Mountains. Every year people come here in search of peace and justice. There is a belief about Pokhu Devta that the oppressed people in his court get hands-on justice. Pokhu court comes in the hope of justice. It is said that Pokhu gods do not disappoint anyone. This is the only temple in Uttarakhand, where people are frustrated after suffering social harassment and trouble, in the hope of getting justice. He is also called the God of Justice.

Method of worship of Pokhu deity

The method of worship in this temple is also unique. Visions of the deities are considered auspicious, but darshan is considered inauspicious in this temple of Natwad, a small town in Uttarkashi district of Uttarakhand. The priest of the temple instead of facing towards the idol of Pokhu deity worships by turning his back. Worship is done twice in the morning and evening here. Before the Puja, the priest has to bathe in the river Rupin and bring water to the Surai-Garhwe. After this, there is worship in the temple with a drum for half an hour.


According to a legend, the Kirmir demon was created in the entire area. Raja Duryodhan fought with him to save the people from his atrocities and defeated and cut his head and threw it into the river Toun. Kirmir demon’s head in the direction of the river. Instead of flowing, it started flowing in the opposite direction and stopped at Natwad, the confluence of Rupin and Supin river. The Rupin River originates from the Bhartsar (Viratsar) lake, then the Supin Swarna Rohini from the icebergs. King Duryodhana installed the severed head of the demon Kirmir at Natwad and built it there. The second legend states that the demon Kirmir (or Kilbil) was actually the Vrabhuvahana of the Mahabharata, which was cleverly slaughtered by Lord Krishna.
According to the third legend, it was a demon who killed people and once a sage turned it into stone with his mantras and established it between the two rivers and since then it became a deity.


Several tribes settled in the hills of Uttarakhand such as Natwar, Dadgana, Kalab, Suchiyan, Pansar, Pokhari, Pasa, Khadiyasini, Lodrala and Kamra of Singatur belt consider Pokhu as their total deity.

Netwad is just 12 km from Mori, about 69 km from Chakrata, 450 km from Delhi and 200 km from Dehradun. There are beautiful cedar and pine trees all around the village.

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